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It All Started With This Lucky Discovery ...

My husband's lucky discovery.

gave me the baby girl I always wanted.

Let me tell you my very personal story, that starts with depression.

My husband and I were blessed with three beautiful boys. But my dream of having a precious baby girl seemed hopeless. And even he wanted Daddy's little girl.

I wanted another baby, but I really didn't know if I could handle four boys. And I knew whatever happened, this would be my last chance to have a little princess.

The idea of a little baby girl consumed my thoughts.

Matt noticed I was often "in my head" and had trouble concentrating. At night I started to dream of my baby girl, often waking unable to fall back asleep.

Maybe you can relate to these feelings.

My husband felt terrible. He even thought it could be his fault, since gender is determined by the sperm.

That’s probably why he seemed so excited one day after work. He had a huge smile on his face, but he wouldn't tell me why he was so happy.

His happiness was contagious and after bugging him for a good 10 minutes he finally decided to tell me.

He took a deep breath and said...

"I’ve discovered a way to nearly guarantee we have a girl."
I didn’t jump for joy quite yet because I was scared. I wanted to believe it so much, but I was afraid of getting my hopes up.

I stayed in silence as Matt began to explain...

A co-worker of his gave birth to a baby girl. My husband congratulated him and asked if he was going to have any more...

Planned it that way? Yes, as we came to find out, he DID plan it.

Initially my husband thought he must be joking but offered to take him to lunch anyway. He wanted to grill the man about how he "planned" to have 2 boys and a girl.

It turned out the man and his wife had attended a $350 two-day seminar in Nevada on "Gender Selection" back in the late 1990’s. It was there he learned just how far the medical community has come in determining a baby's gender.

I stopped my husband there and asked him...

"If it really is possible for couples to choose the gender of their baby, why haven’t we all heard about it?"

That’s when my husband delivered the bad news...

Apparently some religious groups think gender selection is unethical.

They pressure doctors everywhere to keep quiet. And through protests and boycotts were able to convince the doctors who put on the seminar in to shutting down operations.

This valuable seminar was then LOST to the public completely. Until now :) That brings us to the good news.

The GOOD news was the doctors at the seminar handed out learning materials and textbooks which covered gender selection in great detail. And Matt's coworker still had them!

My husband quickly offered to pay him $350 for the materials. He didn’t ask me first, and I didn’t care, because my baby girl was worth more than $350.

Three steps, that's it. It really was that simple.

We started trying early that spring to conceive a baby girl using my new gender selection formula. I was so nervous yet excited.

We became pregnant in late April of that year! The only question left was, "Was my newly conceived baby a boy or a girl?"

Fast forward 18 weeks after conception. I went in for my pregnancy checkup & ultrasound appointment. I kept my eyes closed for the first 5-6 minutes of the ultrasound (that clear jelly is gross, right?), AND...

The ultrasound technician, who I’ll never forget, spouted out: "Looks like we have a little princess onboard here!"

I uncovered my eyes in complete shock, which quickly turned into tears of joy as I saw the images on the black & white screen in front of me.

The picture below was our first proof positive that we were having a girl!

Make your choice above and smile. You’re literally moments away from learning EXACTLY how my husband and I massively pushed the odds towards the gender of our choice.

And you can do the same thing.

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She'll be 16 Months Next Week and I Still Can't Believe How Lucky I am to Have Her.

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 She'll be 16 Months Next Week and I Still Can't Believe How Lucky I am to Have Her.   -- Click Here For Proof of Authenticity --

I just wanted to drop you a short little note to thank you for helping me have the little girl I've always wanted.   After giving birth to two boys I didn't think I would ever get the little girl I've always wanted. 

But after reading your book and following the methods you describe, I finally had that little girl. She'll be sixteen months next week and I still can't believe how lucky I am to have her.  

Your gender selection was extremely informative but it was also very easy to use! So glad I found your site on Google!   With heaps & heaps of appreciation,  

Shelley Fox, New York

Congrats on Providing a Great Service

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Dear Ashley,

Just wanted to write you a quick note to congratulate you on your gender selection service. I've lost count of the number of moms that have mentioned you & your method.

I don't know how you do it, but whatever you've figured out sure seems to be working well.

Congrats on providing a great service,

Dr. Michael Smith of the Raleigh, NC Women's Clinic

I gave birth to our first son...

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Hello Ashley, my name is Abani Warrier.

My husband and I have 3 wonderful little girls here in beautiful Chicago (Actually just south of Chicago). In 2004, I gave birth to our first son. It always made my day every time I saw my husband hold him, since he always wanted a little boy to raise.

In Spring 2005, we were on our way to a friend's house for dinner one Saturday evening when someone driving a SUV ran a red light. Our 3 month old son passed away that day.

It was the hardest thing to overcome in my entire life, but eventually we were able to accept what happened and move on with our life. In early 2006 I decided that we should try for another precious baby. Specifically a baby boy.

I heard about your method through a friend that I worked with at the time. My husband said it wouldn't hurt to try your gender selection method, to which I agreed.

Fast forward to November 22, 2006. Our second son, Dylan was born. What an incredible joy! Thank you so much for everything you do!

Thank you from the deepest depth of our hearts!

Abani Warrier, Illinois

Our little boy that we've been wanting for five years was born!

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To Ashley Spencer:

I hope you are doing good. God knows my wife and I certainly are.

I wanted you to know that when my wife wanted to buy your book I was more than a little bit against it. But she went ahead and bought it and read it the same day.

That was the easy part. Now she had to get me to read it. After pestering me to read for no less than 2 weeks, I finally caved in and read it.

I'm kind of a cynical guy, but I must admit, your method is amazing in its simplicity. After I read it we decided to give your methods a try (this time I didn't put up a fight). I was a little scared of my wife getting her hopes up too high just to be disappointed, since she had been unable to get pregnant since we were married.

Less than a year later our little boy that we've been wanting for over five years was born.

Thank you for sharing your methods with us and changing our lives!

Dan Nichols, Arkansas

 Thank you Ashley so much, from a very happy Mum & Dad in Auckland New Zealand!

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I found your book online in early 2011 and began to implement your strategies straight away. We had two beautiful boys and wanted to try for a girl. As I couldn't guarantee my diet was entirely what you recommended ( I'd succumb to the odd French fry even though I knew it wasn't great for the potassium levels), so I also took Calcium tablets and cranberry tablets, which I had been recommended by another friend trying for a girl. In May 2012 we had a beautiful little girl we named Gina, so thank you again!

We are now pregnant with our forth after refreshing ourselves with your book. Admittedly we weren't as strict this time as last time, as we are fortunate to have two boys and a girl, but I did watch my diet and see if we can have another 'pink one'. As you wrote at the beginning of your book - we are happy with either blue or pink, but perhaps we've altered the odds slightly...... we will see in April 2014!

Hayley and Steve Lewis

I wanna say thank you for the tips given in your e-book

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Hi there

I wanna say thank you for the tips given in your e-book. I just never thought that having a baby boy would be so easy. The easy, yet simple steps have given me my second baby boy after two months of following the program in the e-book. Your methods work like wonder. Thank you so much for the help.


Patricia J. Gonzalez

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